REWIRING THE DIGITAL INNOVATION CYCLE: How can engineering managers enhance decision-making in the era of predictive, real-time, immersive simulation and hybrid AI?

Meet our Speakers

Hayley Edmonds

Moderator, Journalist, Editor & Coach


Aurélie Jean

Computational Scientist, Author and Founder of In Silico Veritas


Fu Xiaolong

body materials and simulation department manager at FAW-VW TE

Francis Griffiths

Executive Vice-President, Chief Revenue Officer at ESI


Emmanuel Leroy

Executive Vice-President, Chief Product & Technology Officer at ESI


Francisco Chinesta

President of the Scientific Committee at ESI


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Gain Valuable Insights from these Experts

Expert-Led Discussion

Gain practical strategies for enhancing decision-making and collaboration from industry thought leaders specializing in predictive, real-time, immersive simulation, and hybrid AI.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Engineering Challenges

Discover how end-to-end digitalization and a Simulation Digital Thread can streamline engineering, reduce costs, and speed up product development, while hybrid AI and the industrial metaverse revolutionize collaboration and decision-making.

Exclusive Insights into Cutting-Edge Research

Hear the latest on hybrid AI and immersive simulation, gaining a competitive edge in generative design and hybrid AI applications in automotive and aerospace.

Future-Ready Skills and Knowledge

Equip yourself with the latest knowledge in hybrid AI and real-time immersive simulation to lead your organization into the future of engineering innovation.

About ESI Talks

ESI TALKS is ESI Group’s premier annual roundtable event dedicated to the global virtual testing and virtual prototyping community.

Unlocking the potential of digitalization in product development is crucial for meeting soaring consumer demands, yet many companies face hurdles in adopting these practices. Join us in the 45 minutes thought leadership panel.

Explore best-practice strategies to accelerate digitalization without disruption, harness the power of virtual testing technologies augmented with AI, and uncover the recognized values of Best-in-Class digital development. Stay tuned for insights into the latest dynamics in the vendor landscape and the next big technological breakthroughs shaping the future of product innovation.

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ESI Group, a part of Keysight Technologies, provides reliable and customized solutions anchored on predictive physics modeling and virtual prototyping expertise. Acting principally in automotive, land transportation, aerospace and defense, and heavy industry, ESI software enables engineers to simulate mechanical designs, smart manufacturing processes, and human-centric workflows to make better decisions earlier in the product lifecycle. Keysight is an S&P 500 company delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product lifecycle.
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